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Everyone has a story.
Here's a summary of mine so far.

The Beginning

I was born in the Bay Area to a first generation Italian father and second-generation Italian mother. I spent my childhood assisting my mother in her entrepreneurial ventures and observing my father dynamically entertaining his students in the classroom. Like both of my parents, I was born a doer, nurturer, and an enthusiastic helper. Whether I was counseling my peers in high school, or volunteering with nonprofits, I was always drawn to being actively engaged in service to others.

The Middle

This inclination followed me through my undergraduate studies at Stanford and guided my decision to pursue a Masters in Social Work, a degree I knew would create opportunities to turn my helping tendencies into a profession. By the time I graduated from USC with my MSW, my direction was clear — I wanted to be a therapist. I trained in a variety of therapeutic settings, including a high crime public school in LA and an innovative program for foster youth, and eventually opened my own private practice. Since I’ve always felt that a multidimensional life was more fun, my professional life has also entailed working for a matchmaker and teaching psychology to undergrad and grad students.

The Unexpected

In the summer of 2014, everything seemed to be falling into place when I received an unexpected phone call from my mom telling me she was sick. We soon had a diagnosis– stage four breast cancer– and less than three months later, she passed away.

The Detour

For the first time ever I was unsure of my place in the world. Suspended in grief, I closed my practice and took over as CEO of my mother’s biscotti business. I spent the next year and half running and growing a business in which I had zero experience. It was a detour fueled by love. I showed up for this experience with nothing but a beginner’s mind and gained a whole new perspective. Ultimately, however, I decided my heart was still committed to helping people, so I hung up my apron and sold the business. You can read more about that journey here.

‘The New Beginning

With renewed passion and expanded experiences, I reopened my practice in 2016 and founded The Tempesta Group in 2017. Blending my therapy training with everything I’ve learned about entrepreneurship and life makes every day exciting. It also leaves me uniquely poised to offer you the very best coaching and therapy services possible.

Where will your story take you next? Let’s work together to design your best life.

There is no better time to begin than now.