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Live your best possible life.

Jenn is dedicated to helping people live their best possible lives through learning more effective coping and stress management strategies. Work, family, relationships, and life in general can be demanding and the thought patterns we create around our experiences greatly impact our ability to feel like we are doing enough. Changing these negative thoughts and learning how to manage stress more effectively can greatly impact our overall outlook on both ourselves and how we look at life.

As a mother herself, Jenn also has a particular interest in working with anyone who might be thinking about becoming a parent, struggling with fertility issues, is currently pregnant, those with maternal mental health concerns, or anyone who might already be a parent and is just simply trying to stay afloat. Jenn works with her clients in a supportive, warm and caring fashion while being collaborative and action-oriented.

Jenn uses evidence-based therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-Based CBT while working relationally to help her clients decrease stress and increase coping skills while bettering self-awareness and understanding. Her style is integrative, compassionate, caring & collaborative.

Jenn is a midwestern girl at heart having been born and raised in Ohio. After attending college at Ohio University and earning her B.A. in Psychology she headed off San Francisco where she pursued her graduate degree in counseling psychology at the University of San Francisco. She has since worked in both private practice and school-based settings providing psychotherapy.

There is no better time to begin than now.