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Life is messy. We're here to help.

Psychotherapy and Coaching services to design your best possible life

We specialize in treating adults in their 20s and 30s, who typically identify as millennials. Most feel they have what constitutes a good life – secure jobs, close relationships, active social lives and more – yet they feel anxious, lost, confused, sad, unfulfilled, burned out and unsure of their purpose. Many also experience significant distress from an endless drive toward achievement, rather than fulfillment.

Working with The Tempesta Group will help you to gain clarity about your career direction, cultivate fulfilling relationships, heal old wounds, build confidence, and solidify the tools you need to build a meaningful life.

Our approach is warm, compassionate, active and engaged. We utilize evidence-based treatments such as CBT, ACT, Schema Therapy, and mindfulness-based interventions as well as integrating coaching strategies into the work. We place tremendous value on the relationship in therapy. That’s why we focus on developing safe, strong and collaborative working relationships with our clients as the foundation of all our work.

We’ll help you examine the thoughts, emotions and behaviors interfering with your ability to feel serene, confident and fulfilled. Then we’ll develop strategies that align with your values to help you live the life you desire.

We help our clients design their best lives through customized coaching and therapeutic services. We offer expert support in the following areas:

  • dating and relationships
  • career confusion
  • life purpose exploration
  • perfectionism
  • stress and anxiety management
  • grief
  • codependency
  • trauma

  • We also provide coaching services for those who want a very targeted approach for achieving a specific goal. We offer coaching in the following areas: life coaching, dating & relationship coaching, and entrepreneurial coaching.

    We all need help navigating this complicated experience called life. You don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help you find your best path.