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3 Questions for a New Year

3 Questions for a New Year

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The end of the year can be a time when we start to take inventory of what happened over the last 12 months. As we inch closer to 2019 your brain may be zeroing in on everything you didn’t get done or didn’t go well this past year. Rather than letting this be an opportunity for self-criticism, it’s a wonderful moment to reflect in a way that stimulates growth.

So put away your list of everything you didn’t accomplish, and instead I want you to reflect on these three questions…

1) What went right?

Take a moment to reflect on what went well this year. How did you grow? What did you do that you might not have had the courage to do in the past? What are you proud of? Whether it’s one thing or twenty, really let yourself savor the wins!

2) What did you learn?

Because you are human you also likely made some missteps this year. Can you identify something that didn’t go so well or a mistake that was made? This is not an opportunity for you to invite your inner critic back into the ring for another round of emotional boxing, but rather a chance to reflect on what lessons you learned from your missteps. Our mistakes are great teachers, if we let them be.

For example, I tend to manufacture urgency in situations that don’t really warrant it. As a result, I can make hasty decisions in an attempt to just “get it done.” Reflecting back on this year, I see that some mistakes I made were a direct result of this urgency. So my learning is to slow down, assess real urgency versus anxiety fueled urgency, and take more time to make decisions, even if it means tolerating my discomfort about things not getting done quickly.

3 Questions for a New Year

3) What are some areas for continued growth?

What would you like to look different in your life in 2019? Rather than focusing on specific goals like getting a new job or losing 10 pounds, pay more attention to what you want your experience of life to be. Do you want to worry less? Do you want to feel more present? Do you want a more optimistic outlook? Do you want to be more compassionate towards yourself? Once you’re clear on this part, you can set up smaller goals to help you bring about these changes in yourself.

Wishing everyone a safe and joyous new year.


What parts of this resonated most with you? How might you approach your life differently with this new wisdom? Share with me by hitting reply or comment on my facebook page to connect with me.

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