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Daniela Tempesta, lcsw, founder

The hallmark of Daniela’s work is blending evidence based tools with heart, humor, and humanity. Daniela brings her authentic self into every session reminding her clients that life is messy and we all need help along the way.

Jenn Boyd, LMFT

Jenn brings warmth and wisdom to her practice, helping people navigate the complexities around work, family, relationships, and sense of self. She is particularly interested in maternal mental health and supporting women on their journey to motherhood.


Danielle's approach to therapy is client centered, active and collaborative. She uses evidence based practices and individual connection to cater to each person's needs. Danielle works with clients to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

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Life is messy. There is no instruction manual and we all need help finding our way.
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