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Featured: Listen to My Interview on “Selling the Couch” Podcast

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I was lucky enough to be the featured guest this week on the “Selling the Couch” Podcast, a show aimed at helping private practitioners thrive in launching and scaling their businesses.

My episode, entitled “Building Your Business Through the Adversities of Life”, describes how in the midst of life’s inevitable challenges, we can find the courage and resilience and get back to doing what we love and thrive. It was an honor to speak about my personal journey and all I have learned about building a successful business.

Some highlights of the podcast are:

  • Letting your values, not your fear, guide your decision making
  • The importance of finding and developing your niche
  • Understanding that success requires risk
  • Focusing on excellent work with your target audience
  • Why setbacks aren’t a sign you’re failing, but evidence that you’re pushing towards greatness
  • How to distinguish tasks that should be delegated and outsourced
  • Why the private practitioner can’t speak to everyone

You can listen now by clicking here!

If you think anyone you know could benefit from listening to this podcast, I’d be greatly appreciative if you’d pass this along.

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